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Melrose Public Library
Chromebook Kit

What is a Chromebook Kit?

A Chromebook Kit is made up of a Chromebook, a hotspot, a mouse, the charging cables for both devices, a case for the hotspot, and a bag to carry all of the pieces. The Chromebook kit can be used anywhere there is cell reception. You can also connect a smartphone or other device to the internet using the included hotspot. Use the Chromebook kit to work from home, apply for jobs, take an online course, watch a video, check your email, attend a Zoom meeting, and more.

Please note: The Chromebooks do not have Microsoft Office installed on them. In order to type a document you will need to use a cloud based word processing app such as Google Docs or Office 365. You will need to save your work in the cloud. A thumb drive will not work properly on our managed Chromebooks.

What do I need to know?

  • Who can check out this kit?  Any patron with a NOBLE library card in good standing may borrow this device.
  • How do I check out the kit? Stop by the circulation desk and use your library card to check out a Chromebook kit.  The library currently owns 4 Chromebook kits.  If there are no Chromebook kits available, a hold may be placed and we will notify you when a Chromebook kit becomes available.
  • Where will the hotspot in the kit work?  Sprint hotspot coverage map (select 4G LTE):  You can only use the hotspot inside the continental United States. There is no international data or roaming.
  • Loan Rules:
    • Loan period: 2 weeks, no renewals*
    • Lost/damaged fee: $400.

* Note:  Internet access for the hotspots included in the Chromebook kits may be deactivated once the due date has past.

  • How do I return it? Do not place the Chromebook kit in the book drop. Do not return the Chromebook kit to another library. You must return the Chromebook kit to a staff member at the Reference Desk inside the Melrose Public Library.   Please fully charge the batteries in the Chromebook and the hotspot before you return the Chromebook kit.  A fee (up to the $400 replacement cost of the item) may be applied if the Chromebook kit is returned in a book drop or to another library.
  • How much does it cost to borrow a Chromebook kit? Borrowing and using the Chromebook kit is free! Data is unlimited. The patron is responsible for costs associated with loss or damage of the Chromebook, hotspot and/or peripherals. The Chromebook kit must be kept in a temperature controlled environment (e.g, don’t leave unattended in a hot vehicle).

NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Internet content filtering is NOT provided through the Melrose Public Library Chromebook or Wireless HotSpot. Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children access via the Chromebook or Wireless Hotspot.

Reserve a Chromebook kit

If you need help setting up the Chromebook or using the hotspot, please call the library at 781-665-2313 and ask for the Reference Desk.