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Chromebook Kit

What is a Chromebook Kit?

A Chromebook Kit is made up of a Chromebook, a hotspot, a mouse, the charging cables for both devices, a case for the hotspot, and a bag to carry all of the pieces. The Chromebook kit can be used anywhere that you have access to cell service or WiFi. The hotspot in the kit can provide internet access wherever there is cell service. You can also connect a smartphone or other device to the internet using the included hotspot. Use the Chromebook kit to work from home, apply for jobs, take an online course, watch a video, check your email, attend a Zoom meeting, and more.

Please note: The Chromebooks do not have Microsoft Office installed on them. In order to type a document you will need to use a cloud based word processing app such as Google Docs or Office 365. You will need to save your work in the cloud or to a flash drive. A Micro SD card can also be used with the Chromebook. Our Chromebooks are managed by NOBLE in order to protect your privacy. For this reason, files cannot be permanently saved to the Chromebook. All files will be deleted from the Chromebook when you end your session.

What do I need to know?

  • Who can check out this kit?  Any patron with a NOBLE library card in good standing may borrow this kit.
  • How do I check out the kit? Stop by the circulation desk and use your library card to check out a Chromebook kit.  The library currently owns 4 Chromebook kits.  If there are no Chromebook kits available, a hold may be placed and we will notify you when a Chromebook kit becomes available.
  • Where will the hotspot in the kit work?  T-Mobile hotspot coverage map:  You can only use the hotspot inside the continental United States. There is no international data or roaming.
    Please Note: The Chromebook can be used with other WiFi networks if you are unable to use the hotspot or if you would prefer not to use the hotspot.
  • Loan Rules:
    • Loan period: 2 weeks, no renewals*
    • Lost/damaged fee: $400.

* Note:  The Chromebook will be locked once the due date has past. Internet access for hotspot will be deactivated once the due date has past.

  • How do I return it? Do not place the Chromebook kit in the book drop. Do not return the Chromebook kit to another library. You must return the Chromebook kit to a staff member at the Reference Desk inside the Melrose Public Library.   Please fully charge the batteries in the Chromebook and the hotspot before you return the Chromebook kit.  A fee (up to the $400 replacement cost of the item) may be applied if the Chromebook kit is returned in a book drop or to another library.
  • How much does it cost to borrow a Chromebook kit? Borrowing and using the Chromebook kit is free! Data is unlimited. The patron is responsible for costs associated with loss or damage of the Chromebook, hotspot and/or peripherals. Take care of the mobile hotspot, like a cell phone, it is sensitive to environmental extremes. High and low temperatures will have an impact on how it works. Unplug the hotspot when it says that the battery is fully charged to avoid damaging the device and charger. The Chromebook is fragile. Be careful not to drop it, hit the screen, or crush it.

NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Internet content filtering is NOT provided through the Melrose Public Library Chromebook or Wireless Hotspot. Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children access via the Chromebook or Wireless Hotspot.

Reserve a Chromebook kit

If you need help setting up the Chromebook or using the hotspot, please call the library at 781-665-2313 and ask for the Reference Desk.