Volunteer & Community Service Opportunities

Melrose Public Library appreciates the dedication of individuals willing to donate of their time to help the community.  Following are three options for this type of service:

1. Membership in the Friends of Melrose Public Library, Inc.

2. Direct volunteer work at the library.  Opportunities for volunteering directly at the library are not available while we are in our interim location at the Beebe School.

3. Teen Community Service.  Many local teens complete their community service hours entirely or in part at the library.  Their work helps keep our shelves clean, and our building looking sharp!

  • Community Service Students will help us with general housekeeping tasks such as dusting shelves, sharpening pencils, making scrap paper, picking up around the building and special projects.
  • Your application will be kept on file for 6 months from date on application.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee availability of community service hours at the Library.

*Teens – If you are interested in volunteering at MPL, please complete this online form , or contact Amanda Roberts for more information.