Seed Library

The Melrose Seed Library, a partnership between the Melrose Community Garden and Melrose Public Library, was started in the spring of 2015.  Each season a multitude of varieties of open pollinated and heirloom fruit, vegetable, and flower seeds are offered.  We are proud to have signed the Safe Seed Pledge, showing our commitment to providing socially responsible seeds.  We hope residents are inspired to explore the varieties and grow from seed to seed, enjoying the harvest and capturing seed for future planting.

For more information about the Melrose Community Garden group, a proud member of Sustainable Melrose, please visit their Facebook page.

The Melrose Seed Library will be restocked in Spring 2024 for the growing season!

The Seed Library has a return box for harvested seeds and saved baggies. Harvest and dry your seeds; put them into an envelope or bag* labeled with the plant name, year of harvest, and any additional helpful information!

*Envelopes and bags are available at the Seed Catalog!

Helpful Resources

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