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Mass Center for the Book 2024 Reading Challenge

How the challenge works:

  • Choose a book that fits the monthly challenge.
  • After you read, fill out this form to tell Mass Center for the Book about the book you choose.
    • Using the Mass Center for the Book submission manager, you will be able to log in and access the entries you’ve logged throughout the year.
    • Dedicated readers will be invited to a year-end celebration hosted by Mass Center for the Book.
    • If you read a book in each of the 12 months, you will be entered in a drawing to win 1 of 2 totes filled with books.
    • Mass Center for the Book will be drawing two names on the last day of each month to win a free book! Make sure you get those entries in before the end of the month.

June Challenge:

Need some ideas? Check out this listing of titles!

Fun on Creativebug

June Creativebug Fun!

Hot Days, Cool Crafts! See what is new this month in Creativebug!

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How to Appliqué Circles 3 Ways – June 4

A circle is the shape of everything from atoms to stars, enduring the test of time. Skilled quilt artist Heidi Parkes incorporates many hand-sewn fabric circles into her quilts. In this class, she imparts her expertise in appliquéing circles of varying sizes using three distinct stitching techniques. She demonstrates options for using or not using a hoop and an iron, allowing you to select the most suitable method for your project.

Make a Soap Box Book – June 6

Engage in the creative and imaginative practice of up cycling. Rather than beginning with a book idea and then purchasing the materials, Bel Mills of Scrap Paper Circus reverses the process and instead finds inspiration in her recycling bin. Utilizing a discarded soap box as a book cover, she transforms what might become garbage into a lively, kinetic book with accordion-folded pages and a button closure. Bel offers several design options and makes this unique book structure as simple to construct as it is to source the materials.

Wool Felting: Make a Floral Crown – June 11

Capture the vibrancy of spring and summer flowers and make a lush, felted floral crown. Melissa of Hex House Crowns is a fiber artist and handwork teacher with a love of all things handmade. Soft and fluffy natural wool is one of her favorite materials, and she shows you how to create beautiful flowers with wet felting, then how to add details with needle felting. Learn how to assemble your floral crown by attaching felted wool flowers to a crown base, blanket stitching your crown structure together, as well as two ways to fasten your crown using either flowy ribbon ties or a stretchy elastic band. This class is a fabulous introduction to the world of felting, and you’ll have a gorgeous accessory to wear for any special occasion.

Make an Origami Postage Stamp Book – June 13

Book artist, mail artist, and educator Bel Mills takes great care when making even the smallest object. In this class she demonstrates just how much can be packed into a tiny book that features even tinier paper ephemera. As an avid upcycler, Bel loves to create art books using ordinary and cast-off paper products such as security envelopes and canceled stamps. This delicious visual snack, just a hair larger than a postage stamp, begins by folding an accordion book and then attaching a miniature cover. Along the way, make thoughtful design choices that lead the viewer on an adventure because every book is a journey, no matter how small.   

Make Paper Maché Animal Masks – June 18

Creative Director Katrina Wheeler, skilled artist and paper maché enthusiast, transform ordinary household paper into charming rabbit, bear, and fox masks. Discover the art of paper maché with Katrina’s expert tips, including her go-to paste recipe and techniques for adding details with paper folding and acrylic paint. These whimsical masks are versatile and cost-effective and be adapted to various shapes and sizes, making them perfect for unique home decor or heartfelt tributes to beloved pets. Dive into the world of paper crafting and bring a personal touch to your space with these delightful creations.

Make a Mail Art Wallet – June 25

You may be surprised to learn that you likely have an extensive supply of book-making materials right in your own home. Everyday paper products like business reply envelopes, cardboard, and printer paper can be fashioned into a wide variety of charming structures with the expert guidance of artist Bel Mills of Scrap Paper Circus. In this class, Bel shows you how to employ upcycled envelopes and book-making techniques to create a unique paper wallet. With pockets, fun vintage mail-inspired decoration, and an eyelet closure, this wallet is both eye-catching and functional.

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